Volume 42, Issue 1

A New Toastmasters Year is Here
Linda Rhea, DTM District 26 Governor

A New Year, A Fresh Start, An Opportunity to build on the Success of D26 2013-14 Toastmaster year is here! Thank you and Congratulations to everyone who came together to serve and contribute to the personal growth of our members and District 26! Together we achieve so much more than alone.

What do you want to celebrate next June 30?   What educational level or leadership level will you achieve? What manual will you complete? Will you be watching members achieve new educational levels and your club achieve Distinguished Club or higher?

Let me know what you plan to achieve.   A dream is a hope, a goal with a date is a plan and a shared goal is a commitment.

My commitment to the members of District 26 is to encourage and celebrate your success, lead from the heart, listen with an open mind, communicate often with reminders of what is happening in the district!

Your district officers are here to serve you. Let us know how we can help.   Keep the communication coming our way.   Let us know about upcoming events and celebrations.

Together we can create a magical member experience in District 26 in 2014-2015!   I am grateful to be on this journey with you! I look forward to serving the members, clubs and officers of District 26.


Jul 1 – Cheyenne Toastmaster Leadership Institute (TLI)
Jul 12 – District 26 Officer Training
Jul 19 – Denver Toastmaster’s leadership Institute (TLI)
Jul 26 – Fort Collins Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)

See the district calendar for more details.

Toastmasters Leadership Institute

Toastmaster Leadership Training (TLI) includes Club Officer Training, Leadership and Communication Training, breakout sessions, and more! It’s free and open to all Toastmaster members! The officer training counts toward the Distinguished Club program and, more importantly, helps prepare your club officers to do their jobs. Clubs who have all their officers trained have consistently done better at meeting club and member goals. Get yours trained.

June 2014 Toastmaster Magazine: Letters

Pat Broadbent, past Area M-6 governor, called this to our attention. Paul Linenberg, immediate past president of Castle Rock Toastmasters wrote a letter to the Toastmaster magazine which was published in the June issue under the title “Business Sense.” Check it out on page 3.

Celebrating 10 years or more in July!

Colorado Orators League, 5618 – 30 yrs.
Bread Apprentices (former Sunrise Bluffers) Club, 6347 – 28 yrs.
Summit Club, 7064 – 26 yrs.
WRY Toast Toastmasters Club, 8358 – 23 yrs.
Morgan County Club, 8379 – 18 yrs.
Lowry Peak Speakers Club, 6354 – 14 yrs.
COW Toastmasters, 7894 – 12 yrs.

Please see the D26 website for a complete list.

Fall Contests

It’s not too early to start planning your club and area fall contests. Area contests can be used for High Performance Leadership (projects needed for Advanced Leader Silver). Serving as a club contest chair can be used for Competent Leadership project 6, 8, or 10.

Division Evaluation and Humorous Contests are scheduled for

Northern Division, October 4, 2014
Metro Division, October 11, 2014
Denver Division, October 11, 2014
Eastern Division, October 18, 2014
Foothills Division, October 18, 2014

Plan your club and area contests accordingly.

Wondering who your area governor is? Go to http://d26toastmasters.org/WP/contact/ for a complete list.

But Dad, I only put a dead cat in the freezer once!*
Tom Hobbs, DTM Immediate Past District Governor

If you had seen me on stage competing in my high school, the Issues of Government, Oratorical contest, you would not believe it was “The Man In The Hat” yet to be. I did everything our speech class book said to do for a persuasive speech. Opening, body, close. Quotes, facts & more facts. I even added humor. I finished 3rd of 3 contestants.

This past week I was requested to fill a last minute speaker slot in my home club. It was a huge success even though I went over time by 3 seconds! It entertained, educated & persuaded. It had a traditional Folklore. A consistent Irish accent and a message that was repeatable. I have been asked to give the same talk to other clubs, schools & now in a business seminar.

I smile big now as I see the huge growth I have made. You can do it too!

For this specific talk I take my Hat off to 3 people.

  • Craig Valentine for teaching me the awesome formula of Then, Now & How (yes just like I am using in this article).
  • Elizabeth Ellis, a Master Storyteller, for confirming the power & impact of influencing with Story. Also, the “hook title” that will bring people in. Elizabeth inspired the title of this article.
  • Ralph Smedley for starting Toastmasters so I ( and a few million others ) could build skills & practice them in a safe environment.

My Dad loved to cause smiles. His influence, orneriness and joy of helping others stick with me long after his passing. We did do a lot of fun things growing up in the country with very little other than our creativity & imagination. I doubt I actually put a dead cat in the freezer, but you could ask anyone in my family and they likely would say I had.

You can be requested at Schools, Businesses & Community Events too. Build your skills and incorporate the Then, Now & How formula in all of your presentations. Be conversational with your style just as you would tell an exciting story to a dear friend. You soon will be Educating, Entertaining & Persuading with a big smile too.

Yes, I am happy to share this presentation for your club too.

Call for Speakers and Helpers to Assist At District 26 Events
Deborah Frauenfelder, DTM, Lt. Governor Education and Training

Have you considered helping at District 26 training event or conferences?

Would you like to facilitate an officer session at a training event?

Do you have a passion for specific a communication or leadership topic?

You can get involved. Just tell us how you define involved. Visit the volunteers’ page of the D26Toastmasters.org to learn the process. Decide how you would like to contribute your skills. Then tell the district leadership team your preferences by submitting a speaker’s proposal and/or a proposal to Assist at District Events. Should the forms appear hard to use, then you may paste the same information requested for a proposal in the body of an email, or in an attachment. After emailing your proposal(s), someone will reach out to you.

Throughout the year, District 26 hosts multiple club leadership training events in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. The District also hosts two conferences – fall and spring. These events are opportunities for you to showcase your speaking, leadership, and follower-ship abilities. Event chair persons will start planning events early — 2 to 6 months before an event. If you want a “choice” position (however you define “choice”), then visit the volunteers’ page to complete the forms early.

Whether you prefer working behind the scenes or center stage, we need your proposals.

Whether you want to chair a functional activity, or work a few hours at an event, we need your proposals.

We need you to tell us how you want to Assist at District Events.

Kicking Down The Door of Opportunity…
Darryle Brown, DTM

If the Door of Opportunity is closed, do you give up and go home? Do you wait for it to open again before you seize the opportunity? Sometimes we face situations where we may miss the open door of opportunity and we assume that the opportunity is gone because of it. Nothing can be further from the truth. A door closed means limitation, an obstacle or a hindrance to be overcome. Opportunities are always there waiting for us and are patient. There is a tendency for people to give up simply because the door of opportunity is closed. When it comes to opportunities before us, we should never give up on pursuing them regardless of what appears before us to keep us from seeing them. All of the great inventors and successful people faced barriers just like you. They could’ve allowed those doors or barriers to keep them from achieving their goals, but they chose not to. This is because they looked beyond the door, envisioning what was inside and they let nothing stop them getting it.

We should remember that there are other ways to seize opportunities than just waiting for the door to be open. Doors or barriers are meant to be overcome. If they keep you from making the most of the opportunities coming your way, be like a one person S.W.A.T. team and kick the door of opportunity down! A closed door of opportunity is not designed to keep you out, but to increase your desire to pursue what is within.

If you want to fulfill your goals badly enough, do not allow anything to hinder your progression. Opportunity provides you your ability to succeed, so why let a barrier keep you from it? Just remember that the only real missed opportunities in life are the ones we failed to pursue because we allowed barriers to keep us from them rather than knocking them over. Opportunity awaits you, but sometimes you have to break down the door to get it, so do it!

A Club Coaching Story
Cynthia Thorstad, ACB Club Coaching Chair

Last August I was approached about a struggling club by one of my fellow members at Evening Stars Toastmasters Club 7448. I learned that Thrillspeakers 871 had been chartered since 1971 and at one point had over 40 members, yet now was down to eight members with only four active participants. I was urged to visit the club and get to know the members to see if they’d like me to be their coach. I did so on a couple of occasions before completing the paperwork and becoming official. Located downtown in the Webb building, it was within walking distance of my home, and the meetings were every Friday at noon which worked with my schedule.

Shortly after I began coaching, the treasurer was hospitalized and went into a nursing home facility, and another member dropped out!   However, the club president never stopped believing that things could be turned around and used a variety of methods to encourage guests to attend.   I brought in Toastmasters from other clubs to make presentations and evaluations, including our District 26 International Speech winner. At every meeting we’d ask guests to share why they’d decided to visit, and then before the conclusion we’d ask those guests to share their thoughts on the meeting. Many times guests would announce they enjoyed the meeting so much that they were joining. In less than 10 months the club had grown to 18 members, with many accepting leadership roles as they joined the club!

Although the club has only met 4 out of 5 of the goals toward becoming distinguished, I’ve seen tremendous progress. I’m confident that by continuing to support their efforts, I’ll see Thrillspeakers 871 become distinguished in the next 10 months. Witnessing both the growth of the club and of the individual members has been very rewarding to me, and I’ve grown my leadership skills too.

There are no special requirements to serve as a club coach other than the desire to be of assistance and being a Toastmaster in good standing inside a club in good standing. Any club with twelve or fewer members can qualify for a club coach, and even have up to two coaches. As long as the club achieves distinguished status within two years, the coach/s will gain credit towards their ALS recognition. It’s truly a win-win relationship.

Come join me in this learning adventure as I accept the role as our district’s coach chair. Please contact me at cynthiathorstad@hotmail.com or call me at 720-480-8345.

Energize Your Year!
Linda Rhea, DTM District Governor

Do you make New Year Resolutions January1? Today is “January 1” in the Toastmaster Year. Give yourself a 90% jump on success and write a juicy goal for yourself for the 2014-15 year – is it DTM, ALB or to create a new habit that touches your audience every time?

Then help your club reach a new high! Energize your members with 3 proven ideas that can rejuvenate even the most vibrant club:

  1. Find out what your members want! Take part of a meeting or meet one on one with each member. Find out why they joined, why they attend and what they hope to receive. Encourage the Board or a subcommittee to create a plan meet the needs of the members. Get consensus at a club meeting.
  2. Visit Clubs! Encourage each member to visit 5 clubs. We have a prize for each member that visits 5 and a grand prize for the club and member with the most visits. Send an email to DG1415@D26Leaders.org and let me know what you found at the club that was awesome and what ideas you will “borrow” for your club. There will be a form on the website under D26 Incentives soon for members and clubs to report!
  3. Recruit New Members! New members create renewed energy and vitality. Schedule Open Houses now. Any club that meets Distinguished Club Program goals 7 and 8 (4 new members) by September 30 will be handsomely rewarded.

Have fun energizing and watch the district website and your email for details of the 2104-2015 incentives!

New Year Begins with Toastmasters Leadership Institute
Deborah Frauenfelder, DTM, Lt. Governor Education and Training

As the new Toastmasters year begins, it is time to train newly installed club officers. Why do we train Club officers? We want your club to succeed. We want your club officers to succeed. We want you to succeed. We all succeed when we share a consistent training experience across the district for our members. We succeed by preparing our club officers to lead clubs forearmed with knowledge of Toastmasters processes.

Club officers who attend training will earn their clubs credit towards a goal in the Distinguished Club Program. When four or more club officers attend each of the 2 semiannual training events (summer and winter) that goal is achieved.

Club officers and non-officers can attend any leadership training. Expect to gather as a community for training topics common to all offices, then breakout to specific office sessions. Expect to gather back as a community to share key points and lessons learned. After the formal officer training we will have elective educational session taught by Toastmasters to Toastmasters.

We also will offer makeup training dates in every Division, for those who cannot attend the big leadership training events. You can access the District Calendar at http://d26toastmasters.org/WP/calendar/ for updates on training events as they are scheduled. The main events currently planned are:

Cheyenne TLI: Tuesday, 1 July, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM, Laramie County Community College, ARP Building, 1400 E. College Drive, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82007

Denver TLI: Saturday, 19 July, 7:30 AM — 1:00 PM, Red Rocks Community College, 13300 W 6th Ave Service Rd., Lakewood, CO, 80228, Contact: Denver Division Governor Eric Dunham, DivD1415@D26Leaders.org

Ft Collins TLI: Saturday, July 26, 8 AM – 12 PM, location to be determined, Contact: Eastern Division Governor Stacey Williams, DivE1415@D26Lea​ders.org

Colorado Springs TLI: Saturday, August 2, 8 AM – 12 PM, location to be determined, Contact Southern Division Governor Michelle Mras; DivS1415@D26Lea​ders.org

We hope to see you at a training event. Consider pitching in to speak or help at a training event. Visit the volunteers’ page of the D26Toastmasters.org to assist at leadership training.

District 26 Distinguished Clubs
Deborah Frauenfelder, DTM, Lt. Governor Education and Training

Congratulations, District 26 Clubs!

We have had many clubs across the District 26 achieve outstanding success motivating members to improve communication and leadership skills during the 2013-2014 Toastmaster year. Clubs have successfully built membership, retained members, encouraged club officers to attend training, paid club dues, and filed reports on time. As club officers led their clubs to focus on members first, they accomplished goals for the Distinguished Club Program ending the year with 20 members or net growth of 5 members for clubs with less than 20 members. Clubs earn ribbons for banners based upon the number of goals achieved:

  • Presidents Distinguished – 9 or 10 goals
  • Select Distinguished – 7 or 8 goals
  • Distinguished – 5 or 6 goals

We will know the final results for the Distinguished Club Program sometime in mid-July. Yet, on June 25th, we had 73 clubs with outstanding successes.

Presidents Distinguished Clubs

5280 Toastmasters
Absolutely Articulate
Anadarko Rockies Toastmasters
Artfully Speaking
Aurorators Toastmasters Club
BodyShops Club
Buffalo Club
Chemical Weapons Masters
Colorado Springs Toastmasters Club
Columbine Communicator Club
Dawn Yawn Club
Daybreak Toastmasters Club
EntSpirational Speakers Club
Excelsior Club
Loveland Sweet Talkers Club
Meridian Mid-Day Toast
Noonshiners Toastmasters Club
On Broadway Toastmasters Club
Parker Toastmasters
Peak Performance
Pikes Peak Toastmasters Club
Proudly Speaking
Simply Speaking Toastmasters Club
South Suburban Toastmasters
Speak With Ease Club
Speakeasy II Club
Sunrise Toastmasters
Talking Ideas Toastmasters Club
The Talking Toasters
Toast Of Inverness Club
Trusty Talkers Club
UCCS Toastmasters Club
Westminster Communicators Club

Select Distinguished Clubs

Castle Rock Club
Cherry Creek Toastmasters Club
CO Motor Mouths
Colorado State University Toastmasters Club
Downtown Toastmasters Club
Evening Stars Club
FACCMasters Toastmasters
Flatirons View Toastmasters
Front Range Toastmasters Club
Gates to Excellence Toastmasters
Homesteaders Club
Jackson Keynoters
Loquacious Lunch Bunch Toastmasters Club
Lunch Out Loud
Pioneer Toastmasters Club
Ranch Raconteurs Club
Rock The Dialogue (RTD)
Rocky Mountain Toastmasters Club
Seamasters Toastmasters Club
Spirited Speakers
Star Speakers Society
The Encredible Toastmasters
Timberline Toastmasters
Words Worth Speaking

Distinguished Clubs

Apple Polishers Club
Bob Ord Toastmasters Club
Chamber Ad-Lib Orators Club
Chamber Speakeasy Club
Cloud Peak Toastmasters Club
Denver Techmasters
Golden Orators
Laramie Morning Club
Littleton Toastmasters Club
Opportunity Talks Club
Peak Articulators
Southridge Toastmasters Club
Speakers In Action SIA Club
TLC Club

Many clubs are still working towards achieving additional goals. As more goals are achieved clubs will move to new designations. Anyone can access the District Performance Reports to get the latest update from Toastmasters. Go ahead, check it out, and then start bragging.

District 26 Marketing Activities
Deborah Frauenfelder, DTM, Lt. Governor Marketing 2013-2014

District 26, we ended the year with a flair between four kickoff meetings, three charter celebrations, and two club-level awards ceremonies. We also chartered one more club: Kaizen Toastmasters. We left our legacy with multiple clubs ready to charter during the first quarter of 2014-2015. Go, team, go!

On 5/27/14, Transamerica, a financial industry firm, held their kickoff meeting at their corporate office. Transamerica employees are professional and polished. Yet, they are striving for higher professionalism which is why Krystal Covington aspired to create a Toastmasters club at Transamerica. Krystal recently said that she expects the club to charter in July. Go, Krystal, go!

One person with a vision can have a lasting impact in our communities. Take Bill Morgan, Area Governor in 2012-2013, for instance. Bill chatted with his neighbor, Nan Das, about Toastmasters. He peaked her interest when she realized that Toastmasters could help project managers at Halker Consulting, a civil engineering firm. On 6/10/14, Bill Morgan and our demonstration team held the kickoff meeting for Halker Consulting. Club Sponsor Bill Morgan said recently that he expects the club to charter in July. Go, Bill and Nan, go!

On 6/17/14, the Innovation Pavilion and TiE Rockies Entrepreneurs held a kickoff meeting demonstration for entrepreneurs in the Denver Area. This unique club for small business owners and startups was the brain child of our Club Coach, Mark West, who is also a member of TiE Rockies. Mark worked with these two organizations, which are both dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, to create a new club. Check out TiE Rockies on MeetUp to learn when their next meeting will occur. They plan to vote on meeting days/times during their meeting on July 1st. Again, one person with a vision influenced a change within two organizations. Go, Mark, go!

Buffalo Toastmasters hosted an annual picnic on 6/18/14. A crystal clear day for a picnic, some Trio members joined Buffalo Toastmasters for their annual recognition ceremony. Officers were installed, and members were recognized for their contributions during the preceding year. Oh what fun and yummy food! Go, Buffalo Toastmasters, go!

We had three charter celebrations on three consecutive days in late June. Rocky Mountain Masters at Rocky Mountain Human Services, Spectacular Vernacular at the State of Colorado, and Speaking for Better at Western Union each celebrated their clubs’ charter. During charter celebrations, District officers present new clubs with Charter certificates, Charter Member certificates, and a club banner. Check out the pictures! Go, teams, go!

On 6/25/14 InnovAge, an at-home senior care organization, held their kickoff meeting. Ouch, I missed the event! Yet, our polished demonstration team carried on, not missing a heartbeat. Vennita Jenkins from my home club Simply Speaking had the idea to start a Toastmasters club at her work. Thank you Vennita for your a positive vision of the future. Go, Vennita, go.

On 6/27/14 Absolutely Articulate held their annual Black Tie Event recognizing their member’s accomplishments and new officers. What a party! Everyone enjoyed it. The club invited 15+ non-toastmasters to enjoy their recognition ceremony. They are working on next year’s membership goals as they end the year! Go, team, go!

On Sunday, 6/28/14, Southern Division Toastmasters gathered to hold the first meeting of new advanced club in Colorado Springs, S-Peak Leaders. Membership requirements to join the club are having earned the Competent Communicator and Competent Leader educational awards. The focus of the new S-Peak Leaders club is leadership training. What a concept, after all the Toastmasters slogan is “Where leaders are made”. Go, team, go!

Ending the year, we welcome Kaizen Toastmasters of Fidelity, sponsored by Brent Clark & Area Governor Pat Brodbent. Toastmasters International verbally confirmed that Kaizen Toastmasters was officially chartered on 6/30/15. Thank you Brent and Pat for sharing your vision and encouraging the members of our newest Toastmaster club. Go, Brent and Pat, go!

Thank you District 26 Toastmasters for continuing to market Toastmasters within your communities! Thank you to every Toastmaster, who helped build new clubs during 2013-2014. Thank you for allowing me to serve you, District 26. We had a fantastic year together. GO, TEAM, GO!

Musings from the Editor
It’s been a Great Ride

I have a lousy memory. In fact it’s so bad, my wife gave me a T-shirt that says, “If I don’t remember it, it didn’t happen.” Maybe I never edited the Dialogue. No, that can’t be right. I found my name as editor on the back of the March 2005 issue of the Sage. That means I’ve been at this for over nine years.

I had had previous experience with newsletters. I had edited my home club’s newsletter, the “Mere Talk,” and later I put together a newsletter called “The Booster” that focused on maintaining and increasing membership. It was all experience that prepared me to edit the Sage/Dialogue. By the time Randy Penn talked me into editing the Sage, it was electronic, and I was ready.

Over the nine plus years since, there have been a lot of changes, some big and many that went unnoticed. In August 2010 then District Governor Julia Davis introduced the concept of the newsletter being a conversation, thus the new title: The Dialogue. Not long after, Carol Harris began redesigning the Dialogue to bring it into alignment with rebranding and make it more reader friendly.

As I said earlier, it’s been a great ride, and I’d like to thank the core of committed and capable (not always enthusiastic) writers who brought the Dialogue to life month after month. All I have left to do now is pass the mantle to Carol. Please give her the support you’ve all given me.
… Oh, and try a little harder to meet your deadlines.

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened. ~ Winston Churchill


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